Property Management Service
Gran Asset Management believes the most important part of real estate investment is who looks after the property. We offer advice in order to maximize your asset potential value.
Rent Collection

Rent Collection

For oversea residents, it is very hard to open a bank account in Japan.For our clients, we collect the rent every month and transfer it once every couple of month or more (upon their requests).While the rent is in Japan, we provide a balance sheet.You can check how much you have in Japan.
balance sheet example
Tenant Recruitment

Tenant Recruitment 

 When the property is vacant, we look for a new tenant.We belong to the biggest and trusted real estate association in Japan (宅地建物取引協会).We will find a good tenant by using the biggest network.



●24 hours support
(for emergency problem from the tenant)
●Repair work 
●Complaint handling 
●Tax handling

Interior Renovation
Gran Asset Management offers renovation work.


 Fukuoka-Shi, Chuo-ku, Yakuin
Price: JPY1,800,000-2,000,000


 Fukuoka-Shi, Chuo-ku, Ohori
Price: JPY5,000,000-
※The example prices were at that time.
 The price will be changed depending on the condition, material or etc…
 Please inquire for your renovation project.
We can consult the plan.
Looking for a higher yield? Gran Asset Management provides Airbnb management service for oversea residents.
What is Airbnb?
Airbnb is a website for people to list, find and rent lodging.
It has over 1.5 million listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries.

Why Airbnb?

Example Rate

  Normal Rent Airbnb ①
Rent  JPY34,000 / month JPY5,000/ Daily (Average) JPY5,000/ Daily (Average)
Occupancy Rate 100 % 80% 50%
Management Fee

Maintenance Fund
JPY3,800 JPY3,800 JPY3,800
Airbnb Management Fee JPY0 JPY32,400 (25% + TAX)  JPY20,250 (25% + TAX)
Property Management Fee JPY1,836 (5% + TAX)  JPY0 JPY0
Power/ Water JPY0 JPY5,000 JPY4,000
Utility JPY0 JPY1,500 JPY1,000
Cleaning Fee JPY0 JPY20,400 (JPY6,800 × 3)  JPY13,600 (JPY6,800 × 2)
Net Income JPY28,364 JPY56,900 JPY32,350

What we do?

Furniture set up

To operate Airbnb, the owner must set up furniture for the guests. 
We will consult the best arrangement to maximize the occupancy rate with minimum cost.
Other operations

We will publish a guest guide for a comfortable stay.

・Passing the key・Damage Claims

・Responding to a guest inquiry・Booking Management

・Laundry Service・Wire Rent

Real Estate Inheritance
Real Estate Inheritance for Oversea Residents
The legal procedure of succession has to be done according to the law in the deceased's country.However it involves many issues before the final registration.Professional scrivener, Mr. Maeda, is one of the very few scriveners who can handle a real estate inheritance registration for oversea residents.

If you find Japanese real estate from the deceased's inheritance asset, Gran Asset Management can help registering property under successor's name.


Please inquire if you need further information


Tax Matters
taxes for purchasing
All of the taxes are calculated from official valuation, NOT transaction price.
Real Estate Acquisition Tax (Prefectural Tax)
land valuation× 3%
building valuation× 3%
Registration Tax (National Tax)
land valuation× 2%
building valuation× 2%
Revenue Stamp (National Tax) 
Property Price Revenue Stamp 
JPY1,000,000 ~ JPY5,000,000 JPY2,000 
JPY5,000,001 ~ JPY10,000,000  JPY10,000
JPY10,000,001 ~ JPY50,000,000  JPY20,000
Taxes for holding
Fixed Asset tax (City Tax)
land valuation× 1.4%
building valuation× 1.4%
Income Tax (National Tax)
If an owner's income reaches to a certain amount (total income - income and expense), he/ she has to pay income tax.
A tax accountant will calculate all his/ her income and expenses as his/ her tax agent.